Legal Mumbo Jumbo

Return Policy:

Mistakes are rare, but they do happen, were only human. We stand behind the quality of our work, and will gladly replace or repair anything that is our fault. With that said, you need to contact us in writing within 10 days of your receipt of an order, preferably via email at and let us know that there is an issue with an order. If it’s our fault we will fix it, if it’s not our fault, we may still fix it, but that depends on the circumstances. We want you to be blissful and happy, but the bliss needs to be mutual.

Damage Waivers

If you are a contract customer, or if you provide the blanks, or we make zero profit on the blanks, then please allow 3% for misprints, flash burns, lightning bolts, tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanoes, alien abductions and other calamities. They rarely happen but since you get your stuff so cheap anyway, it’s the nature of the business.