Screen Print

These prices are for the most commonly asked items, printed on a light color cotton T-Shirts using spot colors. It’s a good guide, but with custom jobs, it’s best to get an exact quote. To get a quote either call us (818) 935-6116 or text us (818) 253-9625 or email us, and please include any artwork pictures, because a picture is worth 1000 words.

Certain types of jobs may increase the cost.

Dark Fabrics:
Generally printing on dark fabrics requires that a white under-base be printed prior to other colors. In most circumstances, if your design has a white color in the design, then the base does not add any extra cost to the print job other than a $0.25 flash charge. If not, then an extra screen will be needed and an extra color needs to be added to the cost.

Special Fabrics:
Printing on cotton is easy, we can do it blindfolded, but some fabrics require special handling, depending on the circumstances this may slightly add to the cost of the job:
Polyester fabrics require special inks or a special layer to block dye migration. Nylon fabrics require a special additive to make the ink stick.
Stretchy spandex needs a stretch additive otherwise the ink will crack when you put the garment on.

Special Inks:
These prices assume that we will be printing your garments with good all plastisol, the ink for screen printing garments. However, there are certain inks that cost a little more, for example:
Glow in the Dark
Metallic Ink